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Jun 20, 2023

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a light source that is increasingly being used in many places. One of the most common types of LEDs is the solar LED. They are self-powered fixtures that make and use their own energy without depending on other sources like generators. Since they are mostly dependent on sunlight, they are a perfect option for outdoor applications. Whenever there is no sunlight, solar LEDs use stored energy that is captured by the batteries during the day.

These solar batteries come in wide varieties with different designs and sizes that are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Many companies and even households are using solar LEDs as a way to conserve energy. Some of the most common types of solar LEDs are solar LED lanterns, solar LED floodlights, decorative LED lights, and solar LED streetlights.

Now, a company based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, has been making headlines for manufacturing solar LEDs. They have a wide range of designs and can be used even in households. The name of the company is Swaaadle, and they have been manufacturing and selling unique kinds of solar brick LEDs on the market since 2020. Swaaadle has unique designs that are different from the normal LEDs and can be easily installed on walkways, balconies, lobbies, parking spaces, gardens, etc. They have the same durability as normal LEDs and offer the benefits of using solar power.

These solar LEDs sold by Swaaadle have a great capacity and can withstand around 2000 kilowatts of energy. The company assures that they can be installed at any place where there is sunlight for 4-8 hours. They come in the shape of bricks and have unique designs on them. They also offer the option to choose from our variety of pre-patterned designs, or the customers can also create their own designs according to their requirements. The prices of solar bricks have also been kept reasonable.