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New study claims PV industry is neglecting overirradiance issues

Jan 31, 2024

Both irradiance and thermal conditions are the subject of a lot of PV industry research. Thus why on earth cite a researcher new to the field who admits: “However, since we are relatively new to this topic, …” with a headline like “may affect … the stability of the electrical grid” at all? That is only giving the myriad of nay-sayers something like “PV causing grid instability” as being reported when it is a stupid claim because “stability” is is an entirely different thing from “efficiency” of PV output or whether a single plant is on or off line — the grid operators must ALWAYS account for such things as individual generators dropping offline due to the ever present possibility of an inverter/equipment failure of every sort. Sure it is something to take into consideration and work to fully eliminate, but any claim of causing instability of the grid must be underpinned by far greater issues than this.

Sorry to be negative as this reporting is almost always excellent, but headlines with wild claims like “may affect … the stability of the electrical grid” are completely misleading and do not at all help the industry.