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I converted a police riot van into a tiny home on wheels

Aug 10, 2023

A TINY home enthusiast has converted a police riot van into his residence.

This free spirit was indeed escaping from a more conventional life, but certainly not the authorities.

"This is our tiny home on wheels. We call him Kevlar - he's a converted police riot van," the adventurous dweller behind @livinginkevlar explained about his unusual home.

He welcomed viewers to explore his humble abode - which also had some not-so-humble features.

Along with his husky companion and partner, the home-on-wheels resident gave a voyeuristic look into his typical lazy day in his affectionately named van.

With greenery and water views, the van-living vagabonds seemed to have traded in city life for a more simple life surrounded by nature.

The space might have been small, but it still boasted some swanky amenities.

A big fan of the transformed tiny space was curious about the costs involved: "How much roughly to do this? I love it."

"Thanks! The vehicle was roughly £8000 - a few years ago, they're a bit more now I think - and the conversion was about £3000!" the proud Kevlar owner told of what it took for the cozy conversion.

This equated to about $14,000 - and also encompassed other upgrades.

"That's including all the stuff bought new - solar, heater, fridge/freezer, hob), etc." he explained of the additional features.

One impressed follower seemed ready to get her own life on the road started after hearing that: "Now to me that's a deal. Absolutely love it."

Kevlar is also living a new life - and no doubt a more peaceful one post-riot van days.

"We've traveled thousands of miles. And no matter where we go, we always have our home," the wonderstruck home-on-wheel resident explained of how special the space was to him.